Nothing about me is hidden, anybody  can google my name and read more about me, my letters to IBB years back and to President Buhari a year ago which were published  by major  newspapers are there for consumption. 

By virtue of the fact that my organisation has United Nations Consultative Status, which  does not come easy, we are  entitled to send seven representatives to United Nations Office in New York, Geneva and Vienna yearly and in my capacity  as the President of CCDI, l remain the Permanent Representative, of course in many letters written to me by the Foreign missions in Nigeria, I was addressed as Ambassador.

The Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs, NSA, NIA and Chief of  Staff to the President, regardless my opposition to the government, acknowledge that as well. Being partisan does not arise,l have never join any political  party.  Regardless l was  involved  in the struggle to actualized June 12,presidential election.l was  humiliated and detained  during Abacha govt before l left the country and came back after the demise of Abacha. l have been an  election observer since 2003 and possibly the only Nigerian accredited by UK Electoral commission to observe UK General elections in 2010,referendum of 2016 by God’s Grace l will be in UK for the same exercise on the 12,December.

 Pastor Yemi is my Pastor and we belong to the same RCCG  region. Anybody can  make enquiries with my name to know my parish and to those who are  crying  than the bereaved, l made it easier for Pastor Yemi too to locate my Parish,which he can do within minutes.But l don’t think he will do that. Mr. Funso Fasoga, if l am right, you were Commissioner at Public Complaints Commission (PCC) till 2018 and you are into legal profession.Probably  you belong to the same party with Pastor Yemi , and since both of you were colleagues at Prince Ajibola  office during his tenure as AG, l can understand  your points of view, which, of course, you are entitled  to. 

Commodore Okoh Ebitu Ukiwe who was the de facto Vice President during  IBB regime, between 1985 to 1986 resigned because he was not  carried along when IBB took Nigeria to join OIC, to me,  that is a man of honour.Many National important security decisions have been  taken without VP participation . The 1999 constitution stated that the VP shall be Vice Chairman  of Security Council and Defence Council respectively,  since the inception of this government, not once President Buhari invited  Pastor Yemi to attend.l have all the video clips.Last year l wrote the Office  of Mr.President  to drawn his attention  to this serious constitutional breach.

Not too long ago Chief Adebutu was honoured with Odole chieftancy title at lfe by Ooni of lfe, Pastor Yemi was there and Mr.President  was represented by Alhaji Aregbesola, Minister of interior ,not only is an insult but a breach of protocol. Many will argue ,Pastor Yemi was there in his personal  capacity, they miss the point,the VP itinerary  is known to the President.Buhari ,currently in London on private visit yet he signed a bill into law,that was official duty ,Pastor Yemi in his personal capacity could as well represented his boss at such occasion.

In September Vice President Yemi wrote l have INSTRUCTED ( in past tense)  the commencement of legal actions against Timi Frank and Katch Ononoju, an economist and public affairs analyst on the allegation of N90b . He stated  his readiness to waive his constitutional immunity to “enable the most robust adjudication” of several baseless allegations, insinuation and falsehoods against his person and office. All these were said in September, till last night  Mr.VP has not drop the immunity  ,which Mr.Funso as a lawyer  will agree with me ,it’s not possible for Pastor  Yemi to do,the only way he can  drop the immunity is to resign ,till now the Office  of the President has not issue a single line of release to condemn the allegation, only Pastor Laolu has been  labouring  to defend his boss and no  commencement of any legal action either in ASIPA or normal court against these men. Does it mean,Pastor Yemi,a Professor of law and SAN did not know understand he has nothing to drop only to resign if its true he want those men to be brought to court, infact these men replied they are waiting for him , why did he made such statement. A man as good as the word he spoke.Anyway  the cheapest  commodity is  unguarded utterance.

 My  nomination as S/A by  President Jonathan,  was published  by either Tribune or Vanguard  in my interview years back  and that was while l mentioned ,the DSS office where the screen was done  and people who were aware.It may be novel to many since only very few Nigerians  would reject such offer,that doesn’t  mean lam Mr.perfect,by the Grace of God Almighty, lam working towards that,today, 12 Governors across APC and PDP are friends, many asked what kind of contract l want and l  let them know,l don’t  want contract that ,does not  mean l don’t need money like any other person, infact l need money than Dangote or Dr.Jimoh Ibrahim ,it’s  my desire to see that majority  of Nigerians are lifted from abject poverty,which my organisation is doing through SDGs advocacy and engagement with government and donor agencies .Since 2012 l have been attending  World Bank &lMF  Boards of Governors Meetings as CSO Returnee .Somebody  may ask,whether lam working in a bank as one educated illiterate  asked,how did he became Permanent Representative of United Nations, since this  information are available online via google ,l think people should not come to public domain to  ridicule themselves, United Nations both accredited Government Representatives and credible NGOs , it does not take less than 4 minutes  to search for it online, anyway docility is a curse and the bible says,people perish (useless) because they lack knowledge. 

When  Mr.Larmode was EFCC Chairman, through my effort the body recovered  huge amount of money and l didn’t requested  a cent.Today Mr.Larmode is an AIG,anybody can cross check from him. For those who know me ,l can’t kill chicken but regardless how powerful the person may be ,God give me  such boldness to speak the truth whenever and wherever l may be .Mr.Funso how do you reconcile  this,the VP  media aide, Pastor Laolu Akande, tweeted that “a list circulating in the media on the so-called sacked Presidential aides is not genuine and ought to be ignored.” Hours later, Buhari’s media aide, Garba Shehu, counter-tweeted that, “The Presidency wishes to confirm that the list was genuine and that it was not personal or targeted to undermine the Vice President’s office.” Garuba went  further to insult Pastor Yemi with following  statement ” THE OFFICE  OF THE VICE PRESIDENT, HIS EXCELLENCY  YEMI OSINBAJO HAS, IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE DIRECTIVE OF THE PRESIDENT, EQUALLY BEEN SHED OF A NUMBER OF SUCH APPOINTEES. Whereas the aides were sacked  without  his knowledge. Yet both Buhari and Yemi  agents   insist that there’s “no rift” between them! Then Nigeria may need its own english dictionary to accommodate the unending schizophrenic quirks in the usage of english words .

Many people w reacall how Tinubu and Osinbajo fought FG during OBJ admnistration on creation of Local Govt Council  and the Supreme court gave judgment as follows; that the process of LG creation must start by the  State and end at National  Assembly before such councils could  be listed in the constitution and recognised  ,which past National Assembly sessions never did,  APC has been ruling since past four years  and has majority  in the national assembly, what stop Tinubu and Osinbajo to complete the assignment if its true they were sincere with the creation in the first place,today those illegal Area  councils  Bola created in Lagos,are the conduit pipe of direct stealing of Federation allocation to genuine local government councils as listed in the constitution in the State. 

 Certificate of marriage issued by these illegal councils are not accepted by any Embassy in Nigeria.  l deliberately didn’t give the media my message on VP,but  circulated  via wattsap among ,500 top politicians including VP aides etc.l was surprised when some top APC  called to appreciate my observation, so far more than 90% people who text or call  agreed with what l said.I will soon start on  the feeble  lion ,the lightweight politician which his  confused ardent followers thought is heavyweight. Buhari won 2015 election which was  made possible by the five  NPDP governors and not the lion effort.Pls read  more on my Twitter handle or my blog ,voxpopulid if you are interested .l wish all  happy Sunday .Very Yours, Ambassador  Olufemi Aduwo, Permanent Representative of CCDI to United Nations. Centre for Convention on Democratic Integrity is registered as Non-profit organisation both in Nigeria and States of Maryland,  United States.Also ,lam the President of Rights Monitoring Group ( a coalition of 45 NGOs) and the joint President of the bodies, as well lam a small scale farmer.