The Rights Monitoring Group , in partnership with Group For Convention On Democratic lntegrity Ltd/GTE and Human Rights  Protection Advancement  Foundation (CCDI & HURPA, guided  by the  basic  commitment to human rights and the reduction  of human  rights violation ; it seeks  to encourage voter’s education , enhance freedom and enduring  democracy.

While the programme and agenda may change, The Group is guided by five principles:

  • The Group emphasizes action and results. Based on careful research and study, it is prepared to take timely action on important and pressing issues.
  • The Group is unique in her service .
  • The Group addresses difficult problems and recognizes the possibility of failure as an acceptable risk.
  • The Group is nonpartisan and acts as a neutral in all activities.
  • The Group believes that people can improve their lives when provided with the necessary skills, knowledge, and access to resources.
  • The Group collaborates with other organizations, public or private, in carrying out its mission.