ln 2003 Presidential election results, Baba OBJ scored  24,456,140 as a PDP candidate and Buhari scored  12,710,02 as ANPP candidate. ln 2007,Buhari scored  6,605,299 votes as ANPP candidate and Yardua PDP candidate scored  24,638,063 . Yardua the winner  believe the results does not reflect Nigerians votes. Tinubu party AC candidate  ,Nuhu Ribadu scored a little  above 2million votes.ln 2011,Jonathan scored 22,495,18 ,Buhari, CPC candidate scored   12,214,85 Tinubu party AC candidate Atiku scored less votes than Buhari votes. ln 2015,Buhari, APC candidate scored  15,424,921 and Jonathan scored  12,853,163.The winning magic; before the 2015 general elections, some chieftains of PDP and five State Governors join APC.Four at of the five states gave BUHARI victory  and NOT BOLA TINUBU. In Kano State Buhari scored  302,146 (Saraki factor) and PDP  got 132,602.ln Kano state, APC scored 1,903,999 ( Kwakwasia factor) and PDP got  215,779.ln Sokoto State,Buhari got 671,926 votes ( Wamnako factor) and Jonathan  got 152,199.ln Adamawa State, APC  scored  374,701 ( both Nyako and Atiku factors ) and PDP  got 251,664.These four States gave Buhari 3,252,772 votes and he defeated  Jonathan with little above 2.5 million votes.Whereas Buhari got only 792,460 votes in Lagos state and PDP  got 632,327.Its very clear that the New PDP States gave Buhari victory in 2015 and not BOLA TINUBU as his confused  ardent followers want people to believe.

Olufemi Aduwo