Information is necessary for efficient functioning in every sphere of human endeavour. For the Nigerian electoral system, and the 2015 General Elections in particular, some basic information can be helpful in understanding and interpreting the processes, as well as in connecting with various stakeholders in election management. This compedium is designed to provide such basic information. The Information Kit is a user-friendly compilation of electoral information about the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory where the 2015 elections will be conducted. The document will provide the user an overview of basic statistics about the electoral features of each state, the election managers and their contact lines, as well as representatives security agencies on the platform of ICCES and their contact lines. These bits of information will be useful for anyone wishing to follow and understand the polling process. It is hoped that voters, media professionals and election observers, among others, will find the kit handy in understanding the processes of the general election.

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